A big equestrian festival awaits the residents and guests of Moscow on Sunday, May 29. On the tournament field of the Center for National Equestrian Traditions (VDNKh, Horse Breeding Pavilion #43), BitRiver Jumping Cup competitions will be held with a total prize fund of RUB 1,300,000 up for grabs. Athletes from all over Russia, including world-class stars and young pony athletes, will come together in the capital to compete for prizes. The show starts at 11:30. Entrance is free and open to the public.

Show jumping is one of the most high-profile equestrian sports, where riders on horseback attempt to jump cleanly through sets of obstacles on the show jumping field within a specific time. The height of the obstacles in the route ranges from 50 cm for pony riders to 160 cm for the Olympic Games and World Championships. The rider must possess courage and great physical strength, as well as master the art of controlling the horse and be able to accurately calculate vertical jump heights. The horse needs to have powerful jumping skills, while displaying flexibility and strong coordination of movements.

The BitRiver Jumping Cup competition program includes several courses that offer breathtaking performances and are also understandable to inexperienced spectators:

  • SPEED&MUSIC Competition. High-speed course performed against the background of music individually selected by each participant. Obstacle height up to 135 cm.
  • KNOCK-OUT Course. Pairs of children on a pony navigate parallel routes. The maximum obstacle height is 50 cm.
  • JUMP&DRIVE Route. Part of the distance is covered by the participants on horseback, and the other part by car. Maximum obstacle height is 130 cm.
  • GRAND PRIX Section. The most spectacular performance of the tournament, with powerful jumps and high speeds. Obstacle height up to 145 cm.

A number of top world-class athletes will take part in the BitRiver Show Jumping Cup tournament, including:

Natalia Simoniya (Moscow) is a master of sports of international class, a multiple winner and prize-winner of All-Russian and global competitions, a three-time participant in European Championships; as part of the Russian team she took part in the World Equestrian Games in France and the World Cup Finals, has been a member of the Russian National Show Jumping team for over 20 years.

Alexander Belekhov (St. Petersburg) is a master of sports of international class, a two-time winner of the Russian Cup in show jumping (2021 and 2022), Grand Prix winner of the Final of the Eurasian League World Cup in 2021, multiple winner of international and All-Russian competitions, member of Russian National Show Jumping team.

Mikhail Safronov (Moscow) is a aaster of sports of international class, a seven-time champion of Russia, multiple participant of European Show Jumping Championships, multiple winner of World Cup stages, head coach of the Russian National Show Jumping team, and winner of the FKSR Awards in the category Athlete of the Year in 2020.

The title sponsor of the Tournament, Russia-based BitRiver, has been rapidly developing on the global market for over five years, and the environmental friendliness of its activities is a key strategic priority for the company. BitRiver adheres to best sustainability practices and initiatives in the field of digital green energy, therefore, as part of its corporate social policy, BitRiver supports and showcases animal-friendly entertainment and active sports – a veterinary clinic has already been built in Bratsk, and the company supports a children's football team.

“I am very fond of show jumping as a sport as it resonates with the company's business, where speed, courage, determination and perseverance are also important since we have gained market leadership as a result of these very qualities. In addition, I really like equestrian sport in its own right and horses in particular, and I am grateful to our organizing partners for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this festival and share it with other people. I look forward to supporting similar initiatives in the future. I hope that the BitRiver Jumping Cup will become an annual event,” - said Runets, founder and CEO of BitRiver.

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